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Already a whopping $4,700+ of personal money and over 12,000 hours have gone into The Sikher Project to date!

In that time we have:

  • Created the world’s most accurate Gurbani database, GurbaniDB, which is also a platform for software developers to build new Gurbani apps
  • Translated and transliterated the Guru Granth Sahib into all the major 52 world languages (although its only a machine translation for now)
  • Transliterated the Guru into all the major 22 language scripts with 99% accuracy, so everyone at this point in time can now read the Guru in their own language and get a flavour of its meaning too, irrespective of language!
  • Started to gather a worldwide translation team, to improve the accuracy of our machine translations
  • Started a repository/wiki of the best Gurbani files and most accurate information on Guru Granth Sahib and other Sikh Scriptures from across the Internet
  • Started a project to produce a beautifully illustrated Nitnem Gutka in multiple languages
  • Revolutionised the world of Gurbani software by introducing innovative features which are now incorporated into the most popular Gurbani software like SikhiToTheMAX and Search Gurbani Desktop Version


But… we now need YOUR help to raise £15,000 a year to continue to develop and expand our mission!

Your donation would be going towards the upcoming projected costs, and we shall release full accounts about where the money was actually spent so you can be sure its going towards our crucial developments in digital Gurbani. We are looking for 25 Gold subscribers giving £50 a month, to help us reach our donation target of £15,000 yearly:

So far £1007.47 of £15,000 raised. 14 people donated.

Currently: 1 Iron Donator of £10/Month. Still Required: 24 Gold Donators of £25/Month

Note: All donations are being handled by the Derby Sikh Youth Association, going directly into The Sikher Project.

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Upcoming projected costs

£10,000 – 2 x Part-time Staff (Yearly)
£3,000 – Developer Costs (Ongoing)
£1,500 – Gutka production in multiple languages (Ongoing)
£500 – Server Costs (Yearly)

TOTAL Donation target: £15,000 yearly
TOTAL Gold subscriber target at £50/month: 25 Subscribers

Actual money and time spent so far

£2,036.89 (68%) – Programming
£107 (4%) – Marketing
£34 (1%) – Telecommunications
£100 (3%) – Travel
£697.35 (23%) – Website Hosting & Domain Costs

TOTAL Costs: £2,975.24 GBP or $4,699.69 USD

284 days (57%) – Programming
45 days (9%) – Marketing
102 days (20%) – Telecommunications
10 days (2%) – Travel
60 days (12%) – Website Hosting & Domain Costs

TOTAL Time: 501 Days or 12,024 Hours