Gurbani Apps

This project has now been deprecated due to a lack of demand


  • To create one centralised website where all previous and future Gurbani apps can be searched for easily and found
  • Developers of Gurbani apps can post their app to be reviewed by individual users who can leave a rating and some comments
  • To encourage development of more creative Gurbani apps using different programming languages (Flex, Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, JQuery etc), designed for different platforms (Mac OS, Linux, Windows, Solaris etc.) and different devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks etc.)

Link: Deprecated
License: GNU General Public License (GPL) & Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


  • Beta prototype has been launched! Built using Node.js (server-side) and Angular.js (client-side)


  • Add in topics/tags for each app
  • Pull in ratings for each app from the app store

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