• To give people access to Guru Granth Sahib in a language they can understand and read
  • To create the most accurate database of Guru Granth Sahib in the world
  • To allow volunteers to improve translations and developers to be able to access GurbaniDB data

License: GNU General Public License (GPL) & Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

Latest Features

  • We just created iGurbani - a sample app to showcase what the GurbaniDB API has to offer. It’s a work in progress at the moment but you can download the source code here:
  • The GurbaniDB API has been totally redeveloped and is now available openly at We have also open sourced the application which we developed to show our API, using the Laravel PHP framework, and which is compatible with our database:
  • We have now added support for ShabadID! Please go ahead and download the latest gurbanidb_core.sql file from: Here is the Readme of how to install GurbaniDB
  • Development of a new multi-lingual keyboard in JavaScript to be used across GurbaniDB:
  • Some developers were having problems with getting our SQL file into their database (because its so HUGE!), so we have chopped it down into little bits so they can now pick and choose what they drop into their database. Here are the files: Find out how to use these files in our README
  • We recently released our entire database in SQL format to download (No longer available – please visit
  • We have made various speed improvements across the GurbaniDB search engine at
  • We are now logging anonymous data about searches being entered into the system, organised by search language and frequency of searches, to find any common search patterns
  • On a Scripture page, a user can “Facebook Like” a page or a line OR share a line via Facebook, Twitter or other Social Networks
  • On a Scripture page a user can now download the page in CSV format
  • All of the website is now available in a mobile friendly format, please go to on your smartphone and give it a whirl!
  • For software developers, a JSON-RPC API has already been developed, and now we have created a faster RESTful API with the same functions
  • For translators and developers there is now a ‘Forgot my password’ feature! Thank Vaheguru!
  • For translators, there is now a new ‘Account’ page in the backend, to update any personal details

Get Involved

Do you feel passionate about this project? Then please contact us to get involved and help us develop this project.