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September Updates

This year has been full of tough transitions and exciting innovations in all spheres of life.

Here are some things The Sikher Team have been working on silently in the background these past months:

  • Gathering page-by-page audio of Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh Scriptures (this shall be incorporated into the GurbaniDB search engine at some point). Complete set available here:
  • Gathering page-by-page audio of Dasam Granth, the writings of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Complete set available here:
  • Releasing the FULL GurbaniDB database (including 52 translations and 22 transliterations) in SQL format for anybody to download and use in their own software application (or for research purposes?):
  • Because of all the fantastic Gurbani Apps now being created by different developers around the world, it’s becoming difficult to keep track of them all! So we are in the process of creating a new Gurbani Apps website which will become the one-stop-shop to find Gurbani apps of all different kinds including mobile, web and desktop. You will also be able to rate each app you have used and leave comments for other users to see which apps are good or perhaps not so good. The website shall be available at: It is currently being developed in Django, a Python framework.

With blessings and thanks,

Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa
Founder & Director of The Sikher Project

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52 translations and 22 transliterations of Sikh scriptures released

Today on the 302nd anniversary of the Sikh Holy Scripture’s throne, the eGurbani revolution has arrived. The Sikher Project is today announcing the launch of the project which aims to create the world’s most accurate database of the Sikh Holy Scripture, the Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and is today releasing 52 translations and 22 transliterations of the Sikh scriptures. You may download these from here:

Throughout history many translation efforts of scriptures have been made, but have been a long and arduous process taking many years or even lifetimes to complete. In today’s modern era we now have computer technologies to help speed along translation creation, such as Google Translate. We also have unified all languages with the invention of Unicode, making it easy to convert from one language script to another, to read another language script in our own language script. has taken advantage of these developments of the modern era to create 52 translations and 22 transliterations of the Sikh scriptures. But the project is not stopping there! GurbaniDB wants people who are passionate about the Guru, who can speak any of the native languages and who have a good command of English to come forward to check the accuracy of the translations and transliterations, and also to collaborate on improving them using our Collaborative Translation System which is currently being developed. Please go to: and sign up now!

GurbaniDB stands for Gurbani Database, and will be opened up as a platform for software developers to create the next generation of Gurbani software. One of the biggest obstacles to Gurbani software development today is access to accurate Gurbani data, so we hope to eliminate this barrier by using GurbaniDB as a verified source of Gurbani data. Our developer platform is currently being finalised but we encourage all keen developers to register their interest here:

Finally, all these developments have taken valuable time, effort and money. Please do donate anything you can to help us reach our donation target of £15,000, or become one of 25 Gold subscribers donating £50 a month, so that we can continue this crucial work in connecting people to the Word, the Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

In service to you and to the Guru,

Jasdeep H.B.S. Khalsa

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