Saint Trilochan

Saint Trilochan [1267 – ?], a name which literally means three-eyed, the seer of the present, past and future, was a celebrated saint of the Hindu Vaishya caste. There are four hymns by him in the Guru Granth Sahib, in which he has condemned superficial rituals and pretentious renunciation and stressed the holiness of the heart.

Saint Trilochan always gave more importance to love and devotion in preference to selfish interests. He believed that he who is always occupied with problems relating to wealth and property would never become happy. He always served the saints at his residence with the utmost dedication and humility.

The exact place of birth of Bhagat Trilochan is not known. Some historians claim its Barsi near Sholapur, Maharastra and others claim its Uttar Pradesh. But it is an accepted fact that he spent most of his time in Maharashtra. The fact that two hymns of Saint Kabir constitute a dialogue between Saint Namdev and Saint Trilochan shows that these two saints were friends, and in fact it was Namdev who introduced Trilochan to his Guru who showed him the way to God.