Sikher gives you access to the universal Sikh Scriptures in multiple languages.

Since 2004, The Sikher Project has pioneered innovative ways to help make the Sikh Scriptures accessible to diverse Sikh and non-Sikh communities around the world in a language they can understand and read.

Sikher is the first Sikh software project in history to adopt an open source, cross-platform & cloud-based philosophy and offering a database of 53 translations and 22 transliterations using custom built software (downloaded 17K+ times) freely for anyone to contribute, modify and use in their respective projects, licenced under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and Creative Commons License (and other open source licenses).

Over the years, several projects have adopted Sikher’s open philosophy, database or code including: Joti Software, KhojGurbani, iGurbani, SearchGurbani and SikhiToTheMAX by the Khalis Foundation.