Sikher for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

This project has now been deprecated.

For an active project please visit:

Or view the archived code repos at:

Welcome to the very first open source gurbani search app for mobile, tablet and desktop: Sikher.

We have designed this app to be minimalistic, highly usable and beautiful.

Sikher is now available for Android, the Web and Desktop!

Sikher - Search

Sikher - Slideshow


  • Search the Sikh Scriptures including Guru Granth Sahib, Dasam Granth, Bhai Gurdas Vaaran & Kabit Savaiye, Bhai Nand Lal’s Bani & Amrit Kirtan
  • Daily Prayers with Audio
  • Random Inspirational Hymn (Hukamnama)
  • Search by First Letters (Gurmukhi & Roman), Translation (English) or Page
  • Recent Searches
  • Add to Favourites
  • Page and Slide view (carefully designed for projecting onto a screen)
  • Choice of fonts: Gurbani Akhar or Prabhki
  • Can be used 100% offline
  • Available for Mobile/Tablet (Android) and Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • More exciting and innovative features to come


For downloading the Android version of Sikher please download from Google Play store here (you will also get updates automatically):


You can view the web version of Sikher at Best experienced in Google Chrome, but should work in most other non-IE browsers.


For Desktop (Windows, Mac or Linux) – you can follow the instructions here to download and install:

iPhone & iPad

iPhone and iPad releases will come in a few versions time once we have been able to properly test on those platforms (and we need some help to do that, so please come forward to help us!).

Get Updates of New Releases

If you would like to know once we release new versions please sign up below and we’ll keep you informed:


And we promise there are many more exciting features to come – this is simply the beginning for Sikher!

Help Us!

Finally, please do help us to iron out any bugs too by reporting them at instead of emailing us and we’ll make sure they are fixed in future versions. When filing a bug report be sure to be as specific as possible and always state which device you were using when the problem occurred. Screenshots would also be useful.

To all those who gave their suggestions including Onkar and many others, I’m truly grateful. It’s made what it is.

By the grace of the Guru,