New Collaborative Translation System

In order to help create the most accurate translations of the Sikh Scriptures in the world through the Gurbani DataBase (GurbaniDB) project, it was necessary to develop a new innovative web application which I’ve coined the “Collaborative Translation System” – because that is what it is: a system which can help volunteers to collaborate on improving the accuracy of translations. No other application could do what we wanted, so we decided to develop our own.

Here are a selection of screenshots of the application in development so far:

Search engine for all 53 language translations and 22 transliterations of Guru Granth Sahib

Search engine for all 53 language translations and 22 transliterations of Guru Granth Sahib

Search results for "God" - fully customisable

Search results for "God" - fully customisable

Back-end for volunteer translators

Back-end for volunteer translators

And here is a slideshow of all the screenshots:

You can see the full set of images here:

Also, I am looking for a small selection of very lucky BETA testers to help test this new platform as it is being developed to eliminate any bugs and improve its usability. If you are interested please send me an email to jasdeep |at| and let me know your Name, Location and Native Language. Ideally, I’m looking for people who understand a variety of language scripts, but any help we can get will be most welcomed!

Until next time,

Jasdeep H.B.S. Khalsa
Founder & Director of The Sikher Project

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