Sikher $25,000 Funding Drive Launched till 1st October 2011

If you’re ready to contribute, please go to our donation page

If you need some convicing, here are 8 reasons why you should help us raise $25,000/£15,000 by October 1st 2011:

Reason 1: We need to host GurbaniDB Guru Granth Sahib search engine and Cloud on a private server to increase its performance, and encourage more software developers to use it, and also continue to develop the platform with richer features and a more user-friendly interface!

Reason 2: We want to start developing Guru Granth Sahib mobile applications for Android, iPad, iPhone & Blackberry.

Reason 3: We wish to complete our very first beautifully illustrated Nitnem Gutka/Prayer Book which shall be offered for sale on a cost-to-cost basis. It will be an extremely beautiful Gutka to behold using beautiful fonts, printed on the finest quality paper, containing exquisite natural photography and art, and wrapped in a silk cloth – a very first of its kind.

Reason 4: We need to hire two part-time staff to help drive forward The Sikher Project’s translation efforts to produce high-quality translations in 52 languages using the GurbaniDB platform, so that all changes can be managed and tracked in a central place.

Reason 5: With this funding, we shall be also be sending Gutkas/Prayer Books to third-world countries to give people access to the Guru. Afterall, the aim of The Sikher Project is to make the Guru accessible at a price people can afford, thus we must make provisions for those people who cannot even afford to buy a Gutka at all.

Reason 6: We shall produce a printed volume of the English translation of Guru Granth Sahib by Sant Singh Khalsa, who was kind enough to give his permission for us to print it.

Reason 7: We shall be starting a competition and offering some money/goods as a prize to enthusiastic Gurbani software developers to create innovative applications using the GurbaniDB API/Cloud. This should create a whole new wave of cool, modern Gurbani applications!

Reason 8: We wish to create a comprehensive wiki which shall be full of rich audio, video, document downloads for all the Sikh Scriptures, so that The Sikher Project becomes the hub of the best, more accurate Gurbani files and data on the internet.

Does all this sound like it’s worth some contribution from yourself? We welcome any of your contributions, however small or big, with open arms and shall, as always, release full accounts of where every penny of your money was spent.

Sat Naam.

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