The Launch of

Launch of
Today we are announcing the beta launch of, which is the place to find all your essential mobile, tablet & desktop Sikh-related apps. Beware that there may be some bugs, so please do send us your feedback!

The reason we created GurbaniApps was because we have seen an increasing amount of apps being created for Sikhs and we wanted one place where we could find and filter through them all!

We are going to be adding more features to GurbaniApps over the next few weeks so stay tuned. In the meantime, please add your apps to the website and encourage the creators of Gurbani apps to add theirs too!

Our Most Requested Feature: Shabads (Hymns)
Thanks to our good friend Harvinder Singh, who did considerable work to categorise our GurbaniDB database into Shabads/hymns, searches will soon return the exact hymn instead of just the page of the search result.

Search engines like SikhiToTheMax and Search Gurbani have long had this feature so it is nothing new. However, what I’m so excited by is that we are planning to open source this Shabad data for the first time in history so that developers will be able to create their own fully featured Gurbani search engines. It is basically the last piece of data which was missing from GurbaniDB and will make GurbaniDB complete!

After we have integrated and open sourced this data into GurbaniDB we will send out another announcement.

More Options for Developers

  • Some developers were having problems with getting our SQL file into their database (because its so HUGE!), so we have chopped it down into little bits so they can now pick and choose what they drop into their database. Here are the files: Find out how to use these files in our README
  • We have developed and open sourced a new multi-lingual keyboard in JavaScript which will soon be integrated into GurbaniDB:

Help Us Out
Here are three quick ways you can help The Sikher Project today:

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