A new revolutionary API to access the Sikh Scriptures

We’ve just made it simpler again to create software based on the Sikh Scriptures with the release of GurbaniDB API 2.x: http://api.sikher.com

Also, you will find the source code for our API here: https://github.com/sikher/gurbanidb

Please find out more in this audio announcement (where we also explain what an API is, for those who are not software developers):

And something which we didn’t mention in this audio announcement which is equally as exciting:

We have developed and open sourced iGurbani – a sample app built upon the GurbaniDB API in pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and which is compatible across desktop, tablet and mobile devices!

Check out the source code here: https://github.com/sikher/igurbani and view our demo here: http://sikher.github.io/igurbani/. It’s just a work in progress at this stage so don’t expect anything extraordinary ;)

Note: Wherever I mention version 2.1 in this audio, please consider it to be 2.x, as we are quickly working on and releasing newer versions of the API & database within the 2.x branch.

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